establishing a routine

So I've moved, which is...I'm not gonna say great, because nobody thinks moving is great (except maybe professional movers, but even then I suspect they don't precisely love it). "I love packing all my worldly belongings, paying exorbitant amounts of money to move them across the country, and then unpacking them all!" said nobody, ever. But I've moved, and it's more or less done. I'm in an apartment. It has furniture in it. I'm slowly removing all the cardboard from my living spaces.

What remains, now, is establishing a routine. Namely: when am I going to start writing again? And how? My new job has a vastly different and much more irregular schedule than my old job, which makes it weirdly challenging, because my old writing schedule relied fairly heavily on my work schedule being, well, regular.

I've had two schedules in the past that worked fairly well for me, one of which was getting up early to write in the mornings before work, and another that was writing for an hour before bed. There were pros and cons to each: writing in the morning usually meant I was more "fresh" and could be quite productive, but it also meant, well, actually getting out of bed; writing in the evening was more flexible in the sense that I could get started whenever and also finish whenever, putting off bed if I really got on a roll, but sometimes I was too tired after a long day to really get much done.

But now? Now my schedule is all over the place. I had a 7:30 am meeting on Wednesday, and on Thursday I got started at noon but was at work until almost 9 pm. But I'm exhausted at the end of nearly every day, so I'm thinking this means getting up early in the morning to write. There's not gonna be that many 7:30 am meetings...hopefully.