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Her Majesty's Superman

It's Victorian Batman and Superman.

That's it. That's the story.

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The Jockey of Elfland

It's the height of the Great Depression, and Alec Dailey has run away from home to eke out a living as an exercise rider at Pimlico. One day, the elves come to him with an offer he can't refuse: a horse of his own. The beautiful black stallion is everything Alec has ever wanted, up to and including when the cursed beast turns out to be a notorious jockey.

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Manner of Death Cover New.jpg

Manner of Death

Medical examiner Alan Spaulding leads a routine and cautious life. He eats healthy, works out, and abstains from all vices except for the occasional glass of wine. That all changes when he meets Joe, a cigarette-smoking, fast food-eating bona fide vampire, who reveals to Alan a world that he didn’t know existed. Alan has a lot of questions. Like, does Joe poop? How come all the blood doesn’t pool in one place in his body? Also, can he have sex?

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Hand on Heart Cover New.jpg

Hand on Heart

Asexual mage George and his sword-wielding companion Victor arrive at a magical commune that’s powered by sex magic. That makes George uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, but what really makes him uncomfortable is that Victor seems perfectly happy to stay. But it’s not like he likes Victor or anything like that. Nope. No way.

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My Rifle Is Human.jpg

My Rifle is Human

Fil is a Gunslinger: his primary job is to service Ordnance, who take the power that Fil gives them and use it to turn their bodies into living weapons in the ongoing war against alien attackers. Fil thinks he’s pretty good at his job, but there’s just one problem: none of his Ordnance ever come back from the front lines. Now Fil has no plans on getting attached to Morris, his newest Ordnance partner. Problem is, Morris is courteous, thoughtful, funny, and determined to test Fil’s resolve.

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