I'm N. Sumi. Presumably you're here because you want to read some of my books. You can click Books up there in the menu to read about them. If you're here to read my answers to some questions that nobody has ever asked me, then keep scrolling.

Why are all your books so weird?

I honestly don't know and wish they weren't. They would be easier to market, for one thing. But hey, if you like stories about vampires having bad sex (because why would they have good sex? they're cold and undead!), boy do I have a book for you.

Do you do anything besides write?

I read, although probably not enough. I watch TV, although lately I watch a lot of TV shows and go "hmm, this is okay, but not as good as Hannibal." I cook a lot, accompanied by eating a lot. I like to bother other people's pets. I react with bewilderment to youth culture. I yell at clouds.

Have you written anything else?

Fanfiction, you mean? Yes, and if you're here, it's probably because you read my fanfiction and followed a link to another link or something along those lines. If, somehow, you stumbled across this site not from my fanfiction...well, uh, congratulations. If you really want to know about my fanfic, drop me a line from the Contact page and I'll give you a hint.

Can I pay you to write something?

Depends on the nature of what you want me to write. Why don't you drop me a line from the Contact page, and we'll see how we get along?